I'm Dr. Markus Winter, and I come from
Gössenheim, a tiny village located in the shadow of the castle ruin Homburg and 36 km from Würzburg.

After finishing my undergraduate studies in Biology in Würzbug I did my diploma and PhD at the
University of Edinburgh in Edinburgh (Scotland).

I then took a Post-Doc position in
New Zealand at the School of Medicine in Auckland; shortly afterwards our group moved to the Liggins Institute.

As my parents were getting on a bit I wanted to be closer at hand and returned to Edinburgh, working at the
Centre for Integrative Physiology, before returning to Germany.

I'm currently working at the European Molecular Biology Labs (EMBL) in Heidelberg, but as my contract finishes on the 10th of April am looking for a job as Molecular Biologist in Heidelberg.

Dr. Markus Winter
Im Fasanenwäldchen 4
69126 Heidelberg
Tel: 06221 187 0869