DropBox? What do I need that for?

Have you ever tried sending your relatives two hundred 3.5 MB pictures? Or that 500 MB movie file from the last family outing?

Have you ever started work just to notice that that important presentation which is due in 30 min and which you have been working on all weekend, yes the one on the USB stick which you tend to carry back and forth between work and home … well, that USB stick is still sticking in the back of your computer at home …

Your internet service provider may have given you 100 MB of webspace - but how can you show your 180 MB movie on your website? Or you use a free webspace provider but while it is fine for simple text pages and the occasional picture it is far too slow to serve large video files?

If any of these applies - or could apply - to you, then the
free DropBox might be just what you need:

By installing DropBox on more than one computer you can:
  • Access your DropBox files from every computer
  • Save a file on one computer, and it instantly syncs to the others
  • Start working on one computer, and continue working on another
  • set up shared folders with other DropBox users anywhere in the World for collaborations
  • send large files to anywhere in the World - even non-users of DropBox (by sending them the public link)
  • Easily serve 200 MB video tutorials even if you are on a very slow server (by using DropBox to serve the video)
  • Access & view your Dropbox files using the free iPhone app

I saw a
report on MacWorld about DropBox which makes it incredibly easy to share files with others on Macs and PCs or to synchronize files between computers. Have a look at


It explains what DropBox can do. DropBox gives you 2 GB for free to start with, and you can expand your free storage to
18 GB using referrals.

So if you use this referral link to join then we both get an
extra 500 MB storage ;-)


For more about DropBox see
this Wikipedia article