Jul 2010

GoodReader Tip

GoodReader is a fantastic app - you can read humongous pdfs with ease (my biggest is 254 MB), watch movies, organize your documents and movies in folders, protect folders with a password, and much more - but here is one of its hidden gems:

Under “General Settings” is a button that creates and copies code into the clipboard - add this code as a bookmark to Safari (I called mine “Save to GoodReader” )

Now when you are on a web page and select that bookmark then the web page will be saved to GoodReader - so you can read it later at your leisure even when you are off-line.

Not bad

Imitation …

Don't you love it when Apple makes a NEW product and Windows and Android fanboys hate it. But another company makes a ... sort of copy, and now its just the greatest thing around.

Here is the Samsung Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab - you could nearly mistake them for the iPhone and the iPad, couldn’t you?

Well, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery … so we’ll see how good the imitations actually are. Competition is always welcome - even if it is just to show how bad you can mishandle something (Vista was probably the best thing that ever happened to the Mac)