Why a Mac? Attention to detail - that's why.

Just one little example, reported on MacNN:

Apple MacBook sleep indicator set to human breathing rhythm
Dell misses mark, times LSD to strenuous activity

In a nod to Apple's attention to detail and human engineering, Flood Light describes how Apple got its sleep status indicator right, while Dell got it wrong. A July 2002 patent for a Breathing Status LED Indicator describes how the blink rate of a sleep status LED would be timed to a slow breathing rhythm. The blink rate of current Mac notebooks falls within the average respiratory rate of an adult -- between 12-20 breaths per minute. For example, the blink rate of the  MacBook Pro 15in late 2008 is exactly 12 cycles per minute.

Dell laptops have a sleep indicator as well, but fail to get the timing to a calm breathing rate. Dell instead uses 40 cycles per minute, which is close to the average respiratory rate of an adult during strenuous exercise. Dell's sleep light is more indicative of a race, missing the human engineering mark that Apple precisely hits.

Imitation …

Don't you love it when Apple makes a NEW product and Windows and Android fanboys hate it. But another company makes a ... sort of copy, and now its just the greatest thing around.

Here is the Samsung Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab - you could nearly mistake them for the iPhone and the iPad, couldn’t you?

Well, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery … so we’ll see how good the imitations actually are. Competition is always welcome - even if it is just to show how bad you can mishandle something (Vista was probably the best thing that ever happened to the Mac)