You want to learn to program? You are looking for a tutor?

First off let me admit that I’m not a programmer – I’m a Molecular Biologist. On the other hand that seems to mean that I can understand beginner’s problems much better ;-)

Yes, I could tutor you – I’m currently doing this with someone here in Germany, and I made a deal with her that I help her and she pays me what she thinks my help is worth ;-)

But I also think you would probably benefit more if you work your way through either the excellent REALbasic University pages (which are for a much older version of REALbasic, but most things still apply)

or you do the REALbasic curriculum available from REALsoftware

If you have questions while doing them feel free to contact me, and you can still pay me what you think it is worth ;-)

But at that stage there is also the very helpful REALbasic forum

People usually go there with a specific question they need answers to AFTER they worked through the tutorial (so the assumption is often that you already know the basics).

If I’m online you could also contact me via AIM or iChat (just click on the picture below). If you are on a Mac then we could do screensharing via iChat (I just used it to show my future mother-in-law in New Zealand how to do things on her Mac) - my screenname is ReallyBasicOne

iChat Status

I’d also recommend that you first put the interface together – that often gives you ideas of what to include and how the user should interact with the program. It also makes it easier for whoever is looking at your project to understand what you are trying to do.

All my programs are written in REALbasic - if you’d like to know more about REALbasic then just go to the REALsoftware website.

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If after trying REALbasic you decided to buy it then you can support this site and the software I develop by clicking the image left - it will take you to the REALsoftware store, and as a referrer I get a small percentage.