RBtv was a series of excellent video tutorials by George Bohnisch. Sadly his website Realbasic.tv is no longer accessible and he can’t be reached - I know that his Mac gear had been stolen but hope that nothing worse has happened.

NOTE: I have now re-encoded all files for faster download. The file sizes shrank dramatically with very little loss of quality, and I also increased the sound volume on all files.

RBtv Episode 1: Hello REALbasic!
(Duration 53:51, 96.9 MB,
re-encoded 34.1 MB)
This episode will introduce the REALbasic IDE and GUI. We will create a very simple application that will request a user’s input and build a message box based on that input. The project will use the most basic objects and controls including Window, PushButton, CheckBox, MsgBox and EditField. We will also get comfortable with modifying build settings and building a project into an application.

RBtv Episode 2: Making Contact
(Duration 2:01:22, 221.8 MB,
re-encoded 87 MB)
This episode will further explore the built in controls of the REALbasic IDE. We will be building a contact application, using PagePanels, EditFields, Radio Buttons, Bevel Buttons, Popup Menus, etc. The application will then collect the data into properties using custom methods, format the data, then send an e-mail to a designated e-mail address. This episode will allow users be comfortable writing methods, adding properties, and getting and setting property values.

RBtv Episode 3: Now I Remember
(Duration 1:13:05, 140.4 MB,
re-encoded 52.4 MB)
Today’s episode covers a whole lot of new features and programming ideas. A few viewers sent in e-mails wondering how to save window position and size even after you quit the program, today, I’ll answer that for you. We will go into saving a preferences file, creating a text file, writing to it, and loading the data from it. Our functions will be contained within an easy to swallow Module that can be used in any project. We also learn how to parse data according to industry standards (sort of) and use the parsed data within the application. I also review functions and add a new technique when using them, passing and returning variables using the function.

RBtv Episode 4: Entering The Tic Tac Factory
(Duration 50:00, 84.4 MB,
re-encoded 34.8 MB)
Today’s episode is the first of a two part project, we will be creating a networked/multiplayer tic-tac-toe game. Oh yes, everyone’s favorite childhood game is back and oh so much better than ever. Challenge your friends, your co-workers, your dog, anyone who’s willing to lose … err… play.

RBtv Episode 5: Stay In Touch
(Duration 1:08:00, 140.2 MB,
re-encoded 52.1 MB)
Today’s episode is very long overdue and also includes a fantastic new intro, I hope you like it. We will be creating a robust Auto Update system that can plug & play with any of your current applications. The system will parse an HTML file located on a remote server (provided for you) and apply the parsed data to deliver the information to the client. The client will then be prompted to automatically download the update directly from the server.