Don’t let the Basic in the name fool you - REALbasic is a powerful, modern, object-oriented development environment that is used by professional and non-professional developers alike.

It combines the power of object-oriented programming that you might know from C++, Cocoa, Python, or Java with the simple language of Basic - resulting in code that often looks like an english text. For example, the following code checks to see if the selected text is white and if it is, sets it to black:

Dim White, Black as Color
White = RGB(255,255,255)
Black = RGB(0,0,0)
If EditField1.SelTextColor = White Then
    EditField1.SelTextColor = Black
End If

That all being said there is one truism that should be obvious:

Good programmer + REALbasic = good program.
Good programmer + X-Code = good program.

Bad programmer + anything = bad program.

The fact that REALbasic allows most people who would never have gotten beyond “Hello World” in X-Code to write useful programs has unfortunately resulted in a rather poor reputation for REALbasic programs and REALbasic itself. On the other hand some of the best programs are written in REALbasic too (for example Bookends is the best literature manager - period - and beats EndNote by a mile).

I myself wrote a program that is certainly unfinished and unpolished but proved hugely useful in our lab - should I have held it back until I could polish it? I didn’t, and one of its users labelled it as “can’t live without it” on his website. And that’s even before the fact that I made a Windows and Linux version as well - which I could never have done without REALbasic.

But lets see what others have been saying:

From an article here:

C++ developers often start out using REALbasic just to create a prototype. They quickly discover it's faster to complete the application development in REALbasic:

"While I am fluent in C and C++ development, I use REALbasic whenever possible due to its ease of use. REALbasic allows me to crank out applications in half the time it takes in C++."
- Peter Burring, C/C++ and REALbasic developer

“As a C++ programmer, I would never have guessed that I'd prefer REALbasic, but it's true. The combination of RAD and cross-platform operation really makes a difference and it saves so much development time. You can get a project done twice as fast as with C++!"
- Bobby Skinner, C++ and REALbasic developer

And did you know that in 2009 REALbasic won
Best Programming Language in The Code Project's First Annual Members Choice Awards?

The Code Project is one of the largest online developer communities in the world, with more than six million registered members.

The Code Project community was asked to rate their favorite software development-related applications at Each member decides which companies or products deserve recognition. See all of the awards here.

I also found a pdf comparing X-Code with REALbasid
here, and comparing VisualBasic and REALbasic here.

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