Video tutorials:

By far the best REALbasic video tutorials are the RBtv tutorials - but there are others too:

There is a very simple introduction to REALbasic on the REALsoftware website which demonstrates how to make a simple web browser with just one line of code - watch it here

Check out the latest video podcast of IN DEPTH: REALbasic, Cross Platform Develoment PT 5.

You can also find some tutorials on

All my programs are written in REALbasic - if you’d like to know more about REALbasic then just go to the REALsoftware website.

REALbasic affiliate program:

If after trying REALbasic you decided to buy it then you can support this site and the software I develop by clicking the image left - it will take you to the REALsoftware store, and as a referrer I get a small percentage.